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  1. Portrait of James Lewis, Technical Marketing Director, and client of Kevin Dench via IntelliData
    20 Sep 2015

    James Lewis

    Technical Marketing Director

    How often do you come across someone who regularly over-delivers? That's Kevin. Calling him just a "Web Programmer" or "Graphic Designer" is woefully inadequate. We worked together on an ambitious web project, a scale never undertaken at my company before. This project introduced me to Kevin's excellent work. His insights are unlike any other web developer I've worked with in the past. Kevin's thinking reflects a healthy cross-discipline. His ability to consider the "big picture" and implement the details was the project's greatest asset. On another note, I looked forward to our pleasant conversations--whether it was about the project, some clever code he wrote, or the following weekend. At the time of writing, this project was our first collaborative effort. I'm sincerely looking forward to working on future projects with Kevin.

    James was Kevin's client
  2. Portrait of Anna Buys, she was Kevin's co-worker at BYU-Idaho
    03 Apr 2015

    Anna Buys

    Graphic Designer & Photographer

    Kevin and I took courses and worked together at BYU-Idaho. I was always impressed by his level of professionalism in all the work he produced. He was and is a great help to me when I have questions regarding the Adobe Creative Suite and Graphic Design in general. He has an amazing amount of skill and knowledge and is very thorough and patient in his work and when helping others. I would definitely recommend Kevin and work with him anytime.

    Anna was Kevin's classmate at BYU-Idaho
  3. Portrait of Arianna Mevs, freelance copywriter and editor, and former supervisor of Kevin Dench
    05 Nov 2014

    Arianna Mevs

    Freelance Copywriter and Editor

    Kevin dedicates himself 100% to all of the projects I have hired him to do. I have many graphic design contacts but I go back to Kevin time and time again because I know I can count on him to not only create perfection, but to take the time necessary to understand the needs, target audience, and what I, as the customer, want. He is extremely detail oriented but works fast, always completing the projects well before the deadline. His work consistently provides the desired outcomes.

    Arianna was Kevin's client
  4. Portrait of Justin Stollsteimer, Senior Designer at Fusionbox and Kevin's former Supervisor
    24 Oct 2014

    Justin Stollsteimer

    Senior Designer at Fusionbox

    Kevin has a refined design sense and sensibility -- not the Hugh Grant kind, but the "I can make a great design, and I can recognize and appreciate great design" kind. He's not afraid to challenge UX tropes and come up with new, creative solutions, and he's a great student. Oh, and he can smoke the bejibbles out of a pork shoulder! His dry wit and friendly demeanor are a welcome addition to any design team.

    Justin managed Kevin directly
  5. Portrait of Joseph Handcock, former supervisor of Kevin Dench
    16 Aug 2013

    Joseph Hancock


    I worked with Kevin during a span of 6 months in which time I was greatly impressed with his strength in managing a team in graphic design. Kevin is a man that will always perform his duties, and he is very reliable. One of his primary jobs pertained to designing advertisements, and he did a remarkable job. I would recommend any company to hire Kevin because of his outstanding learning ability, reliability, and skills pertaining to graphic design.

    Joseph managed Kevin directly
  6. Portrait of Jonathon Viveros former volunteer designer under Kevin Dench's direction
    05 Jun 2013

    Jonathan Viveros


    Kevin has a great combination of knowledge, skill, and personality. Working with him was a great experience due to his clear vision, direction, and understanding of customer and agency needs.

    Jonathan worked under Kevin's supervision
  7. Devin Collins, Kevin's former co-worker at the Volunteer Connection
    29 May 2013

    Devin Collins

    Video Productions Director

    Kevin works well at managing a team of individuals with varied experience levels, and effectively meeting deadlines. He is determined to get each project done that is presented to him.

    Devin was a colleague to Kevin
  8. Portrait of Hannah Hamblin, former volunteer designer under Kevin Dench's direction
    28 Mar 2013

    Hannah Hamblin


    Kevin was my supervisor in "Advertising Council" at BYU Idaho. He is very skilled with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. He has great leadership skills and was always so helpful. I would recommend him for any job or program. He was always very nice, and considerate to the students he looked after. He taught me a lot and helped me improve on my skills. He is an all around great, trust-worthy guy.

    Hannah worked under Kevin's supervision
  9. Portrait of Arianna Mevs, freelance copywriter and editor, and former supervisor of Kevin Dench
    28 Mar 2013

    Arianna Mevs


    As Kevin’s director on an advertising agency at BYU-Idaho, I was very impressed with his dedication to all campaigns and projects. Kevin is a committed individual and isn't satisfied until the finished product is perfect. I have also personally hired him for logo work. He did an exceptional job and I was very pleased with the end product.

    Arianna managed Kevin directly
  10. Product photo taken by James Payson, one of Kevin's Clients
    03 Feb 2013

    James Payson

    Owner Blue Chip Welding LLC

    Kevin designed a business card that has been used by the company with great pride. His work was fast and highly creative. I would recommend him to all colleagues.

    James was Kevin's client

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