Kevin Dench

Web and Graphic Designer

We can do great work together.

Hot Out the Oven

The splash page of Engineering Center

You May Want More with a Designer

Portrait of James Lewis, Technical Marketing Director, and client of Kevin Dench via IntelliData

James Lewis

Technical Marketing Director

How often do you come across someone who regularly over-delivers? That's Kevin. Calling him just a "Web Programmer" or "Graphic Designer" is woefully inadequate. We worked together on an ambitious web project, a scale never undertaken at my company before. This project introduced me to Kevin's excellent work. His insights are unlike any other web developer I've worked with in the past. Kevin's thinking reflects a healthy cross-discipline. His ability to consider the "big picture" and implement the details was the project's greatest asset. On another note, I looked forward to our pleasant conversations--whether it was about the project, some clever code he wrote, or the following weekend. At the time of writing, this project was our first collaborative effort. I'm sincerely looking forward to working on future projects with Kevin.