Kevin Dench

Booklet Set

Booklet Set

This booklet set is intended to be given as a gift, but the challenge is to design something that someone would want to keep.

The spread of the booklet set, in the Godhead booklet

Typography and editorial design has always fascinated me. So the challenge of taking a speech and setting it beautifully into a booklet, very much appealed to me. This is a booklet set that would be given as a kind of gift. Created by using the principles of advanced typography learned in a class, the content was taken from an LDS conference.

The challenge was to create something that people wouldn’t just throw away. It would be like a gift, that they would want to keep.

Using principles of layout and typographic design, these booklets were created carefully to make the reading portion less of a chore.

The blue booklet's spread, as well as full bleed.


In an effort to make them feel like more of a set, I tried to keep the same grid, and the same cover color in the full spread. There were a few minor things that I changed from booklet to booklet, but overall they’re similar as to give a sense of familiarity.

The hope is that as the reader goes through the booklet set they will have a sense of continuity, but still have a sense or feeling of freshness.

Ministering of Angels pull quotes page. The back of the ministering of angels back cover. The semi-unpackaged booklet set. The back cover of the Godhead booklet. The inside front cover of the Ministering of Angels Booklet.

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